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Thomas Ferris, the father of David, was born in Washington Co., N. Y., April 19, 1779. Mrs. Thomas Ferris was born Nov. 9, 1790. Their family consisted of the following children, viz.: David, born Dec. 12, 1812; Rachel, born April 30, 1814; Daniel, born Jan. 20, 1817; Adeline, born July 9, 1818; Julie E., born June 23, 1820; Warren, born Sept. 20, 1822, died Oct. 28, following; Elizabeth A., born April 23, 1824; Lucy Ann, born Feb. 25, 1826; Sheldon, born Jan. 18, 1830; Ira W., born Oct. 3, 1832; Hattie, born Dec. 1, 1834. Mrs. Ferris died Sept. 14, 1840; Thomas Ferris died May 27, 1875.

David Ferris, the oldest of the above large family of children, was born in the State of Pennsylvania. When but a child he removed with his parents to Washington Co., N. Y.; thence, in 1820, to Jefferson County; in 1833, to St. Lawrence County; and in 1850 he came to Lawrence township, Van Buren Co., Mich. Mr. Ferris was reared on a farm, and engaged in agricultural pursuits, with his father, until he was twenty-five years of age, when he entered the employ of an iron company, at ten dollars per month, and remained with them five years. Jan. 9, 1843, he married Miss Elizabeth A., daughter of Joseph and Jerusha Goodell. Their children have been six in number, as follows: Jerusha, born April 6, 1844; Louisa A., born July 14, 1845; Charles D., born May 29, 1847; Ellen J., born Aug. 29, 1849, died Aug. 7, 1873; Harriet J., born Nov. 1, 1854; Sheldon E., born Jan. 6, 1862, died Oct. 8, 1865. In 1862, Mr. Ferris purchased eighty acres of wild land, cleared and improved it, and has transformed it into a fruitful farm, which he now occupies. He is known to his neighbors as an upright, honorable man, and to no one is he indebted a single dollar. His persevering labors through the years that have passed have brought him prosperity and a competence, which he can now enjoy. Mrs. David Ferris died April 7, 1878.

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