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H. H. HOWARD was born in Monroe Co., N. Y., on the farm of his parents, B. M. and Nancy (Hinkley) Howard, in the year 1825. The family was in prosperous circumstances. After the days of his infancy had passed Mr. Howard continued upon the farm until 1850, in which year lie was married to Sarah, daughter of James B. and Aduline Cooley, also a native of Monroe County. With the characteristic energy of newly wedded people, they sought for a suitable location in which to build up a home of their own, and turning their faces and footsteps westward, were soon anlong those who were striving for mastery with the mighty forests which covered the township of Bloomingdaie, Van Buren Co., Mich. Each succeeding year witnessed the growth of their "clearing," and new fields of plenty "smiled amain," and at present Mr. and Mrs. Howard are the occupants of one of the best-improved farms in the township. Mr. Howard has been chosen to the most responsible positions in the gift of his fellow-townsmen. In 1861, when public interest demanded that the best and most patriotic citizens should be at the helm, he was elected supervisor, and re-elected the following year. From 1872 to 1878 he held the same position, and was only retired later by a change in the ("Greenback") party majority. Without ostqntation it may be affirmed that should a smular emergency to that of 1861 arise, Mr. Howard would undoubtedly be found an unswerving supporter of justice and equity and the principles of freedom. Such traits are doubtless owing, in the lives of many individuals, to the influences of home, and this-not taking into consideration his natural character-is the case with Mr. Howard. His estimable wife has been a consistent member of the Regular Baptist Church of Bloomingdale since its organization, and has always exerted what influence she possessed towards the elevation and refinement of her family, and mankind in general. To Mr. and Mrs. Howard have been born two children,-Clara A., Jan. 3, 1859, and Edward M., April 26, 1865. A glance at the accompanying views of the present and former residences of Mr. Howard reminds the observer of Carleton's famous poem, "Out of the Old Home into the New."

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