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SAMUEL MORRIS, eldest son of Dolphin and Nancy Morris, was born in Ross Co., Ohio, Aug. 17, 1824, and when a lad four years old, with his parents, moved to Michigan. His education was obtained at the district school in the vicinity of his fatherís, on the north side of Little Prairie Ronde, with the exception of four months at a select school at Paw Paw, taught by Professor Jesse Vose, now deceased. He being the oldest child of his fatherís family, was, at an early age, taught to assist in all the different departments on the farm as occasion seemed to demand. One of his duties was to watch his fatherís sheep during the daytime to prevent the wolves from depredations on the young lambs; but despite his efforts, sometimes the hungry beasts would ignore his presence, seize upon a lamb, and run off with it. On one occasion seven wolves made their appearance at the same time, but owing to his courage and skill were prevented from doing serious damage.

Indians were frequently his playfellows, with whom he often joined in their sports. So familiar did he become with them that he learned to speak their language, and often joined them in target-shooting with bow and arrow, with which he became an expert, many times vanquishing his opponents, to their great chagrin. Indeed, so great was his skill, that he could shoot a bird at a distance of fifteen rods with great precision. He also became skilled in the use of the rifle, with which he took delight in hunting deer and other game. In fact, he furnished the family with meat a great portion of the time. Married, Oct. 3, 1852, Harriet C., daughter of Thomas Simpson, of Cass Co., Mich., and immediately commenced housekeeping on his farm on Little Prairie Ronde, Cass Co. He has always been engaged in farming, in which he has been very suecessful. Has also been one of the stockholders in the First National Bank of Decatur since its organization, and for a period of seven years has been a director of the same. He is a living witness to the growth and prosperity of Western Michigan, having shared in many of the hardships incident to pioneer life.

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With Illistrations and Biographical Sketches
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