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Peregrine White was born on the "Mayflower" in 1620, before the landing at Plymouth Rock. Nicholas White was a grandson of Peregrine White; married a Miss Gilman in 1725. Ebenezer White, second son of Nicholas, was born in Haverhill, Mass., in December, 1731. He married Hannah Merrill, by whom he had seven children,- three sons and four daughters. His wife dying, he married a second time, marrying for his second wife Ruth Emerson, by whom he had eleven children,-eight Sons and three daughters. Gilman White, Sr., the ninth son of Ebenezer White, was born in Newburg, Vt., June 21, 1783. Gilman White, Jr., was born in Topsham, Vt., Dec. 4, 1812, and was the eldest in Oilman White, Sr.'s family of five sons and three daughters, of whom Adam White was the youngest. Adam, Gilman, and William B., another brother, all married sisters, - Adam marrying Ruth Eastman, Gilman, Nancy Eastman, and William B. marrying Philena Eastman, who, after the death of her husband, William B. White, which occurred in Black Brook, Clinton Co., N. Y., came to Irvington, where she has since resided. Aside from John D. White, who resides in Kalamazoo, and a sister, Mrs. Nathan Bigelow, who is also a resident in Kalamazoo, all of the other members of the family except those named, have remained in the East.

We give upon another page a view of the residences of Gilman and Mrs. Philena White. at Irvington; a general store which is conducted by them also appears in the same view, together with a view of the depot and church. Adam White is prosecuting a large business in the manufacture of charcoal at Irvington, which is the principal industry there.

Although only for about three years have the above named resided at Irvington, yet they have become well known throughout that section of Van Buren County for enterprise, energy, together with ability, uprightness, and public spirit.

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