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The first boy born in Riverdale township, Watonwan county, Minnesota, is a distinction that is claimed for O. A. Bjoin, the subject of this sketch. This event occurred on October 26, 1865. His father was Anderson Bjoin, a native of Norway, who came to America when a young man. He landed at New Orleans and drove an ox team from New Orleans to Minnesota. From here he went to Kansas, where he lived for a few years, and where he was married. He moved from Kansas to Illinois, making the journey by team over the entire distance. After farming for a few years in Illinois, he began loading up his personal chattels in a wagoh and moved to Iowa. In 1864 he again moved, by the same method of transportation, coming to Riverside township, Watonwan county, Minnesota. Here he entered a homestead of eighty acres of government land on which he located and established his permanent home, and lived here the rest of his life.

Anderson Bjoin was twice rriarried. By his first marriage there were three thildren: Anderson, who enlisted in the Fifteenth Regiment, Wisconsin Infantry, as soldier of the Civil War. He was killed in battle. Ole, the second son, was also a member of the Fifteenth Wisconsin Infantry, and was killed in battle. Lisse is the third child by this first marriage.

The second marriage of Anderson Bjoin was to Julia Ronninggen, a native of Norway. Following are the names of children by this marriage: John, Andrew, O. A., Lisse, Edward and Julia. The father was a member of the Norwegian Lutheran church, and a Republican.

O. A. Bjoin was educated in the public schools of Riverdale township, Watonwan county, and worked on the farm in his early years. In 1890 he bought a farm of eighty acres and started farming for himself. He continued in' this business until 1902, when he moved to LaSalle and took the position of manager of the Eagle Roller Mill Company. For the past ten years he has been buying hogs for A. J. Leonard, of St James, in connection with the management of the elevator.

Mr. Bjoin was married to Jennie Rinde, a daughter of Peter Rinde, of Madelia. To this union seven children have been born: Alma, Clara, George, Mabel, Stella, Lyda and Syvena. Mr. and Mrs. Bjoin are members of the Norwegian Lutheran church. Politically, he is a Republican; his lodge affiliation is with the Woodmen, and the Modern Brotherhood of America.

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