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The intimate life of the community is best told in the personal stories of its citizens. Biographical facts not only provide permanent genealogical material for the families of which they treat and valuable information for the historical investigator, but also furnish inspiration for worthy emulation. In so new a county as Houston there are few men who have not started as poor boys and attained their success through their own efforts. The story of their equipment for the struggle by birth, training, environment and experience is of vital significance. So, too, is the story of the men of the younger generation, who with better preparation, and under more favorable circumstances, have taken up the work which their fathers have laid down.

Therefore in supplementing the general county history, the publishers of this volume and their staff have gathered biographical data from some eight hundred leading families of the county. The list is comprehensive and thoroughly representative. The research involved in collecting the material has extended over a period of two years, and during that time the opportunity has been opened to all of those who have desired that their family history be thus recorded and preserved.

It is manifestly impossible to include every family of the past and present; such a task would be beyond human ability. The criticism that in such a work, many worthy families are omitted, while to be regretted, is hardly a just one, as the scope of the work might be trebled, yet still omit many a family whom some would like to see thus honored. And while the story of some of those here included is no more worthy of preservation than the story of some of those who are omitted, those here printed are thoroughly typical and represent every phase of the county’s citizenship.

These biographical and genealogical sketches have been gathered from personal interviews, from records and from newspapers. They have all been submitted to some member of the family most concerned. While it is believed that a high degree of accuracy has been maintained, the responsibility rests with the families themselves and not with the publishers. In a few cases, sketches submitted for correction have not been returned. In such instances the duplicate has been printed, containing the facts as originally gathered.

The difficulties of gathering such a vast amount of material are many. Even brothers and sisters often give widely varying accounts, not only of the facts and dates concerning their parents, but even of the rendering of their parents’ names. In a few instances, where an agreement was impossible, both versions are given.

All personal estimates of life, character, accomplishments, worth, influence and ability have been added by the board of editors, constrained by a desire throughout to avoid extravagant laudations, though in many instances such laudations would be most thoroughly deserved.

The History of Houston County, Minnesota
Edited by: Franklyn Curtis-Wedge.
H. C. Cooper, Jr. & Co.
Winona, Minn. 1919


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