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Having come to this country at the age of twenty two years with no capital but his resolute spirit. strong physique and well balanced mind, and having won from the soil of Polk county a substantial competence. Antone M. Gamme, a prominent farmer now living retired from active work in the village of Fertile, has shown that he chose wisely when he sought the United States as a land of opportunity in which industry, thrift and good management were bound to win success and prosperity. By his activity in public affairs as a good citizen but not as an office seeker, he has also shown that the country gained in sturdy and sterling manhood when he became a resident of it.

Mr. Gamme was born in Norway April 23, 1861, and remained in his native land until 1883. He was reared on a farm and obtained a common school education. Late in the spring of 1883 lie emigrated to America, landing at New York and coming direct to Polk county, Minnesota. During the first eight years of his residence in this country he worked as a farm laborer. At the end of that period he preempted eighty acres of land in Godfrey township which he proved on, owned and improved for a number of years, then sold it.

In the spring of 1891 Mr. Gamme took up a homestead in Rice township and subsequently purchased an additional tract of 160 acres. On this land he had his home and expended his labors, improving it with good buildings and bringing the greater part of it to advanced productiveness, and occupying it until the spring of 1915, when he gave up all active work and moved to Fertile. His land is all in Rice township, and, during the years of his activity, he carried on a general farming enterprise with vigor, progressiveness and success, making his farm one of the best in the township in fruitfulness and an attractive one in appearance.

On July 15, 1891, Mr. Ganime was married to Mrs. Baroline Shefloe, the widow of Isaac Shefloe. She, also, was born in Norway, her life beginning on June 23, 1856, and was thirteen years old when she came to the United States. In 1882 she became a resident of Folk county, and here her first husband died, passing away at Beltrami when he was at the age of fifty two. By her first marriage she had three children, Mortimer, Amelia and Florence. She and her present husband are the parents of four children, Elmer and Joseph, twins, and Jessie and Orlie. The father and mother are zealous members of the Lutheran church and devoted to the welfare of the congregation they are in.

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