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This enterprising, progressive and broad minded business man of Fertile is engaged in several undertakings which minister to the service, enjoyment and improvement of the people of his home community and help to make life more tolerable and comfortable for them, as well as to add to their facilities for carrying on their several occupations and pursuing their chosen pathways of advancement in business or social activity.

Mr. Hoglund is a native and wholly a product of Polk county, having been born on his fatherís farm in Garfield township July 23, 1885, and having been reared on that farm and educated in the school in the neighborhood. He is a son of Eric and Christina (Johnson) Hoglund, natives of Sweden, and residents of this county for thirty-five years. The son remained at home with his parents and worked on the farm until he reached the age of twenty one years. He then turned his attention to telephone work, in which he was employed for six years. At the end of that period he installed an electric light plant at Fertile, which he began operating March 15, 1910. He erected the building in which the plant is located and he now has in the neighborhood of 100 patrons, and the number is steadily increasing.

For two years Mr. Hoglund was superintendent of the Gordon Valley Telephone company, and his experience in that position has been very valuable to him in his own business. He owns 160 acres of well improved land in Columbia township, and is also proprietor of the Picture theater at Fertile. Every branch of his business seems to be in direct line with his tastes and mental trend, and he is making the utmost of his opportunities in each, using every gain in his progress as a step to something higher and more advanced, for he is enterprising and farseeing, and knows his business thoroughly to date and is always studious of its further possibilities.

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