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Beginning life for himself as a blacksmith and working his way up by his native ability, good business capacity and persistent industry and good management to the position of a leading merchant and business man, August Lindblad, one of the wideawake and progressive residents of Climax, this county, furnishes in his successful career a fine illustration of the value of strong personality, determined perseverance and resolute self reliance in a land of many exactions and keen competition in all the activities of life, but, nevertheless, abundant in opportunities for advancement.

Mr. Lindblad is a native of Sweden, where his life began July 12, 1871, and where he lived until he reached the age of twenty and learned the trade of blacksmith. In 1891 he emigrated to the United States and at once came West, locating at Marquette, Michigan, and there finding employment in building bridges for a railroad company for two years. From Marquette he moved to Norman county, Minnesot; and during the next two years worked at the forge in that county. He became a resident of Polk county in 1895, and for something over a year operated a blacksmith shop on the farm of Christian Steenerson in Vineland township, Polk county.

About the time when he was ready to give up his shop on the farm to seek a better opening he saw one in the village of Climax, and he at once opened a shop there. This shop he continued to conduct until 1905, when he sold it and began handling agricultural implements, a line of trade in which he is still engaged. He is also manager of the Climax Shipping association, which includes live stock and farm produce among the commodities it handles, and has been secretary of the Climax Co-operative Mercantile company from the beginning of its activity in the community.

The public affairs of Climax have always deeply interested Mr: Lindblad, and lie has taken an active and serviceable part in helping to administer them wisely, serving for many years as a member of the village council and three terms as mayor. In addition to his other pursuits he assists in superintending the cultivation of 120 acres of land in Vineland township, in which he owns a one-half interest.

Mr. Lindblad was married December 30, 1895, in Ada, the county seat of Norman county, to Miss Hilda Kirkevold, a native of Norway. They have six children, Esther, Hardin, Pearl, Alvin, Russell and Ira. The parents are held in the highest esteem by everybody who knows them, and throughout the Northwest Mr. Lindblad is regarded as a first class business man and a public spirited and progressive citizen. He is genial, sociable and companionable, and enjoys genuine and well founded, popularity in his home town as a man, as a merchant, as an influential force for good and as a social potency.

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