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The late Sven Philip Swenson, a leading farmer of Vineland township for many years, was a pioneer of Polk county, having become a resident of it about 1874. He located on a homestead in section 20 which he took up soon after his arrival in the county, and on which he passed the remainder of his days. When he located in that township it was yet almost wholly a wilderness, and his own land was virgin to the plow and yielding nothing for his sustenance. But he made a good farm of it and added to it until, at t.he time of his death he owned 340 acres, all of which he had under cultivation.

Mr. Swenson was born in what is now the city of Manitowoc, Wisconsin, on November 21, 1845, and came to Houston county, Minnesota, about 1860. A short time after reaching this state he moved on up into the northwestern part of it and for two years was employed on the Red river. In 1874 he became a resident of Polk county, taking up the homestead already mentioned. He worked on his place when he had opportunity and followed other pursuits for a living for several years, but always looked forward to having his home on the farm which he was gradually bringing to productiveness.

On July 3, 1882, Mr. Swenson was married to Miss Elizabeth Aasmork, a native of Norway, and they at once took up their residence on the Vineland township farm. From then until his death, which occurred on April 20, 1903, he continued to improve and cultivate his land, and when he was able put up good buildings on it. He and his wife were the parents of six children all of whom are living. They are Knute, Olianna, Lena, Annie, Ole and Carl. Olianna is the wife of Edward Opsahl and Lena is the wife of Henry B. Hanson. The father was well esteemed as a sturdy and upright citizen and an industrious and progressive farmer. He took a good citizen 's helpful part in local public affairs, although he never sought or desired prominence or influence as an office holder or active partisan politician.

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