John C. Legren
From: History of Cayuga County, New York
By: Elliot G. Storke, Assisted by: Jos H. Smith
Published by: D. Mason & Co.,
Syracuse, New York, 1879

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JOHN C. LEGERN was the fifth child of Charles and Margaret (Clinton) Legern, and was born at Little Britain, in the town of New Windsor, Orange county, N. Y.. June 26th, 1816. His mother was a cousin of Governor Dewitt C. Clinton. His parents emigrated from Ireland to Little Britain in 1814, and during the succeeding five years worked land on shares. In 1819 they removed thence to the town of Milton, now Genoa, Cayuga County, N. Y., and soon after to Sempronius, now Moravia, in the same County, where they purchased a farm of fifty acres. But they did not long remain in Sempronius. They soon after removed to Locke and purchased a farm of thirty acres, for which, with the aid of their sons, they succeeded in paying, and on which they remained till their death, Mr. Legern dying June 26th, 1840, and his wife, January 2d, 1842.

John C. came to this County with his parents and spent his boyhood and youth under the parental roof, working upon his father's farm in summer and attending the district school in winter. At the age of eighteen years he united with his father in purchasing 23 acres of land adjoining the homestead farm. This, by their united efforts, was soon paid for and the deed therefor was given to John C., who, the previous summer, had commenced life on his own responsibility. He left his younger brother to aid his father in the management of the homestead farm, and went to Seneca county, where he rented the farm of his brother-in-law. After the crops had all been got in he exchanged his interest for cattle, with which he returned home, and after keeping them a few months, sold them for twice what they cost him. He soon after bought the 100 acres now known as the Spaulding farm, paying therefor $Io per acre. He had six years in which to complete the payment, but by energy and economy he paid for it in three.

Mr. Legern was united in marriage with Miss Mary Hull. daughter of William and Beersheba Hull of Venice. The fruit of this union was four children, viz: Amanda Y., who became the wife of Wm. N. Calvert, and died in Iowa in 1870 James B., who died at the age of six years: Mary B., wife of Isaac Bouton, now living in Glenwood, Iowa; and Ernest, now residing on the homestead farm. For many years Mrs. Legern lived to aid her husband in the accumulation of a competency and the nurture of their children. She died April 4th, 1874, mourned by all who knew her.

Mr. Legern has always been an active, energetic and industrious man and one who, by his indomitable will and perseverance, has overcome every obstacle which lay in his pathway. He has filled many offices of trust and responsibility, having been three times elected supervisor. He has also been assessor and commissioner of highways. and has performed the duties thus devolved on him with efficiency and fidelity. His life, which well illustrates the sure and cheering results of close application, discretion, industry, frugality and integrity, is worthy of emulation by the young just starting upon life's duties.

August 17th, 1877, Mr. Legern married Sarah A., daughter of George W. and Sarah Taylor, who was born in Dutchess county in 1835, and was brought when only three months old by her parents to Cayuga County, where she has since resided.

In the fall of 1877 Mr. Legern removed from the farm to his present residence in the village of Locke, where he enjoys that quiet and rest which come from a competency and the consoling reflection of a well-spent life-a life of sobriety as well as industry. At the age of nearly sixty-three years. he is hale, hearty and strong and honored and respected by all.

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