Biography of Joel Gilbert
FROM: History of Livingston County, New York
By James H. Smith
Assisted by Hume H. Cole
Published By D. Mason & Co. 1881


Joel Gilbert, the subject of this sketch, was born in Vermont. May 4th, 1792. He was the son of Moses Gilbert. He moved to Conesus about the year 1810 and was married to Mana Henderson, of Conesus, August 31st, 1819. She was the daughter of Samuel Henderson. who was one of the oldest settlers in the town. The result of his marriage was four children viz:-Theodore H., Nelson N., Wm. H. and Henry S. Nelson N. married Alta, daughter of John Coller, of Sparta. Her grandfather, Jacob, was among the firstsettlers of that town.

Wm. H. married Julia A., daughter of Wm. Carnes and Phcebe Shay, a family noted for their longevity; in 1870, at a re-union of the family of Mrs. Carnes, there were five generations sitting at one table.

William H. Gilbert's family consists of five children :-Estella M., Nettie E., Wm. Sherman, Henry N., Luella E. Wm. H. occupies the old homestead, which is pleasantly situated on the eastern shore of Conesus lake.

Henry S. married Emeline, daughter of Riley Scott, of Conesus. Three children were born to them :-Helen M., Ermie E. and Henry S. Theodore lives in Oregon. The subject of this memoir was one of the oldest and a highly respected citizen of the town in which he lived. Although never seeking office, he held the position of Assessor for a number of years. He possessed the nerve and energy peculiar to the sturdy New England stock from which he sprang. In politics he was a Republican at the time of his death. Prior to the war he was an Andrew Jackson Democrat. He died February 7th, 1870. His wife died January 30th, 1860.

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