Biography of Dr. Arnold Gray
FROM: History of Livingston County, New York
By James H. Smith
Assisted by Hume H. Cole
Published By D. Mason & Co. 1881


Dr. Arnold Gray was born in Lower Canada, March 20, 1798. He moved with his parents to Washington county, N. Y., when twelve years old. His mother, a strong-minded Christian woman, took great care in the moral and religious training of her large family.

Dr. Gray received his medical education at Fairfield, Herkimer county, where he graduated in 1824, and the same year moved to Springwater. He worked at home on the farm until he was twenty-two years old, and then prepared himself for teaching school. During a few years of teaching he earned sufficient money to defray the expenses of his medical education.

In 1828, he married Frances Ackley, of Granville, Washington county, who died in 1860. He was again married in 1862 to Fanny Armstrong, of Penn Yan, N. Y. Nature had endowed the Dr. with a remarkable constitution which endured the hardships of a new, rough and hilly country sparsely settled. He loved the practice of medicine, and his marked individuality together with a long practice, gave him a wide-spread notoriety. His aim was conservative, and though taking an active part in political life and serving as Supervisor in the town for several years, he was never an office-seeker. Not readily receiving new ideas, he was more disposed to inquire for the old ways and walk in old paths. With a strong will, positive opinions and likes and dislikes which were lasting, his nature still possessed a great deal of sunshine, and his ready joke and hearty laugh were frequently a benediction to the sick. The Doctor for more than thirty years was a liberal supporter, and fot half that time a consistent member of the Presbyterian church. . In response to a call of the late Mr. Barber on December 8, he became so exhausted with the hardships of the trip as to cause his death January 5, 1879. He was buried in "Evergreen Cemetery." Dr. Gray stood high in his profession, and his practice was extensive not only in Springwater but in several of the adjoining towns. He was a true friend to the poor, often rendering them professional services without charge.

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