Biography of J. H. Haynes
FROM: History of Livingston County, New York
By James H. Smith
Assisted by Hume H. Cole
Published By D. Mason & Co. 1881

J. H. Haynes was born in the town of Geneseo, Oct. 27, 1809. His parents were John and Elizabeth (Teeple) Haynes, both of whom were born in Northumberland county, Pennsylvania, the former August 17, 1787, and the latter March 12, 1788. John Haynes came into the town of Geneseo, in 1792, with his parents, James and Isabel Haynes. The former died soon after settling here and the latter married for her second husband, Benjamin Wynn, and died April 24, 1853, aged eighty-four years. For several years after his father’s death, John remained at home, working forhis step-father on the farm and by the day for neighboring farmers. January 26, 1809, he was married to Elizabeth Teeple, and commenced house-keeping on the Wynn farm in a tenant-house, and here Jonathan H. was born. He remained here but a short time, having purchased eighty acres of what is now known as the Haynes estate, where he built a log-house and moved his family into it in 1812 or ‘13. He lived there thirty-five or forty years, when he bought another farm about one mile and a half north of his old home and removed to that and lived there about twenty years. Becoming aged and infirm, a home with his son Jonathan was offered him and after a residence of about two years with him, he died June to, 1873. He was for about sixty years a ruling elder in the First Preshyterian Church of Geneseo, and took an active part in the erection of the first church edifice in the eastern part of the town. About fifty years before he died, and during his whole life, he had been an active, earnest and devoted Christian. He was a volunteer in the war of 1812, and marched to the Niagara frontier where he took part in the battle of Lundy’s Lane. In character he was honest and industrious, and lived so uprightly that his death was mourned as a public loss. His wife was also a member of the Presbyterian church many years. and died Sept. 1, 1868. They had six children, viz :—Jonathan H. born as before stated, Anna born June 23, 1811, died Feb. 22, 1863 ; James born May 2, 1813, died March, 13, 1856; Margaret born July 3, 1815, died in August, I868; Harriet, born March 23, 1823, married to Abraham H. Williams, of Livonia. and is now residing in Dakota; Sally W. Haynes, born Sept. 11, 1817, now living with her sister in Dakota. Jonathan H. lived at home with his parents until he was twenty-five years of age, working on the farm and attending the district school in the winter.

January 26, 1834, he was married to Mary, daughter of Arthur and Agnes (Sinclair) Price of Livonia, who was born Dec. 4, 1812, and died April 12, 1866. By her he had three children named as follows :—Elizabeth M., born Jan 2, 1839, and married to Templeton R. Sinclair, of Geneseo; Emma R., burn Oct. 6, 1842, and married to Dr. M. C. Rowland, of Geneseo, and Luella A. V. N., born Dec. 4, 1858, and residing at home.

January 20, 1870, Mr. Haynes married for his second wife. Margaret S., daughter of James and Elizabeth Finney, of Northumberland county, Pa. She was born August 29, 1831. Mr. Haynes has been a member of the Presbyterian church at Lakeville, for nearly forty years, and has been a deacon in the same fifteen years. In politics he is a Republican, uniting with that party when it was formed. He has been a hard working and persevering man. The training he received during his minority on his father’s farm, and his natural energy and determination admirably fitted him to fight the battle of life, and being more successful than many he has become one of the prominent agriculturists of his town. Through all the vicissitudes of a long and busy life, he has maintained a character for honesty and integrity of purpose that every one who knows him admires.

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