Biography of Andrew N. Perrin
FROM: History of Livingston County, New York
By James H. Smith
Assisted by Hume H. Cole
Published By D. Mason & Co. 1881


Among the younger men who were natives of this county, few, if any, are more deserving of special mention than Andrew N. Perrin.

His father, William Perrin, came here from Washington county, N. Y., about 1825, and purchased the farm situated about half a mile south of Conesus Center, and which is still in the family. December 27, 1833, he was married to Sybil Chamberlain.

They had three sons, the eldest of whom is the subject of this sketch, and was born September 1, 1839. The others are, Wm. L. and Lewis D. Perrin; also two daughters, Mary M. and Sybil S., who have died.

Mrs. Perrin died July 26, 1847. Mr. Perrin married, as his second wife, Rhoda M., daughter of Titus Curtiss, of Groveland. by whom he had one child, Luna L.

Mr. Perrin, Sr., became one of the leading citizens and farmers of the county, and was wellknown in the State and beyond for his superior stock, especially in the line of merino sheep, and horses.

He died December 8, 1853, truly respected and lamented, and was buried in the cemetery at South Livonia.

A picture of the "good old home" is given in this volume. The father's death occurring when Andrew N. was fourteen, left him, with the widow, the main reliance of the other children. With a brave young heart, he entered upon the responsibilities of the situation, and by virtue of his working on the farm in summer and teaching in winter, the following eleven years witnessed all the family well cared for, and each of the children with a good education; Andrew N. having found time also to spend two years in Brockport Collegiate Institute.

William L. married Sallie, daughter of S. K. Foote, of Louisville, Ky. Lewis D. married Gertrude, daughter of Patrick McEntee, of Perry, N. Y. Both these sons reside at Olean, N. Y., successfully engaged in the oil business. Andrew N. was married May 8, 1867, to Linda, daughter of C. G. Williams, of Waukesha, Wisconsin. They have five children :-William, Marion W., Sybil M., Linna and Charles W.

In 1865 he engaged in the development of oil in Western Pennsylvania, and in 1868 located at Titusville, Pa.

After passing through the vicissitudes incident to that business, he appears in the front rank of prominent men in position and character.

He is part owner and a manager in the Tide Water Pipe Line Company, which transports, by pipe line, from the oil regions to the seaboard, two millions or more barrels of crude oil annually; and has recently added refining on a large scale to its business of transportation.

Under appointment of the Governor, he is a member of the Pennsylvania State Board of Agriculture, where his early experience will be of great value.

He is also under appointment, by the President, as a Commissioner from Pennsylvania to the World's Fair proposed to be held in New York in 1883.

In 1880 he was elected Mayor of the city of Titusville, which position he still holds.

As a public speaker he takes high rank in both matter and manner. In a word, by natural endowments and expanding personal character, he is one of those reliable, rising men, who are not only successful in private life, but are also needed by the community in the administration of its more important and public affairs.

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