Biography of Richard Alsop Riley
FROM: History of Livingston County, New York
By James H. Smith
Assisted by Hume H. Cole
Published By D. Mason & Co. 1881

Richard Alsop Riley was born in the city of New York October 19, 1799. His father. Isaac Riley, was born Nov. 29, 1770, and his mother, Hannah Alsop, was born Feb. 2, 1774, and died about 1859, aged eighty-five years. They had twelve children, viz: Emeline, Mathilda. Mary Wright, Richard Alsop, Henry Augustus, Julia Ann. Adelaide. Theodore William. Charles. Caroline Augusta. Louisa Sophia, Charles Frederick and Clara Pomeroy. all now dead except Caroline A., now the widow of Isaac Abbott. and residing in New York city Isaac Riley was a book-seller in Middletown and afterwards in New York. Richard lived at home and attended school in the last named place, and was afterwards placed in a Roman Catholic school in Germantown. Pa.. where he remained till sixteen years of age. when he went to sea in a merchant sailing vessel, and followed that life until he was twenty years old. At that time his father purchased a farm for him in New Jersey and he followed the occupation of a farmer till in 1826, when he came to Lima, N. Y. While living in New Jersey he was married to Emily Golpin, of Lansingburgh, N. Y., by whom he had no children. She was born December 5, 1792. and died January 27, 1844. December 24, 1844, Mr. Riley was united in marriage with Anna Haynes. daughter of John and Elizabeth Haynes, of Geueseo. She was born June 23, 1811, and died February 22, 1863. They had three children, as follows :—Lewis Adams. born June 22, 1846. and died September 4, 1846: Richard Alsop, born August 19, 1848, and married Lizzie C. King, of Bath, Steuben county: and Theodore H., born July 18, 1851. The latter married Anna Birgs, of Geneseo, N. Y. For his third wife Richard married Sarah Ann, daughter of John and Elizabeth (Rowe) Harris. of Harrisburgh, Pa. She was born in Bath, N. Y., November 10, 1810. On settling in Lima, he entered into a co-partnership with Mr. Warner and carried on the business of tanning and currying. This proved a disastrous venture, for he lost all of his money and was obliged to go out to work by the day. He moved into a small house in the town of Livonia and worked at anything he could find, till he saved enough to make a small payment on a piece of land he had purchased in the town of Geneseo. This he kept a short time, then sold it to J Hunter Haynes and purchased the farm on which lie lived until he died, December 9, 1874. The old homestead is now owned and occupied by his son. Richard A. Theodore H. is residing on a farm a short distance from the old homestead, purchased by his father but a short time before his death. Mr. Riley in politics was a Republican, having voted that ticket since the formation of that party, but was no office-seeker. He united with the First Presbyterian church of Geneseo, in 1832: in 1836 was ordained and installed a ruling elder of that church, and held that position until he died. He was a man of sound sense and sterling integrity. The church was ever dear to him. and where duty called or opportunity offered, he was ready to "spend and be spent” in the service of his Master, A pure, noble and honest man, he ever elevated the true Christian character, and led a life which we may all delight to follow. Thus passed away one whose death cannot be regarded without feelings of profound regret at the loss which, not only his family, but the entire community and church to which he was so ardently attached has sustained, in his removal.

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