Biography of Dr. Harlow Willard Wells
FROM: History of Livingston County, New York
By James H. Smith
Assisted by Hume H. Cole
Published By D. Mason & Co. 1881


Dr. Harlow Willard Wells was born in Leyden, Mass., April 15, 1809, and died Oct. 13, 1877, aged fifty-eight years.

He was the fifth in descent from Thomas Wells, who in company with his two brothers, emigrated from Colchester, England, in 1636, to Hartford, Conn., and from there to Hadley, Mass., in 1639.

Simeon Wells, father of Dr. H. W., removed from Leyden to New Haven, Oswego county, N. Y., in 1816. In 1826, at the opening of the Van Rensselaer Academy in the adjoining town of Mexico, Dr. Wells was enrolled as a student of that institution. After completing his course of studies there, he entered the office of Dr. Patrick G. Hard, as a student of medicine, and after taking three courses of lectures in the "Fairfield Medical College," of Fairfield, Herkimer county, N. Y., was in 1834 graduated as doctor of medicine.

Among his classmates were Drs. Jewett and Simmons, of Canandaigua; Dr. McCollum, of Lockport; Prof. James P. White, of Buffalo; and the late Dr. John B. Witbeck, of Rochester, N. Y.

In April, 1834, he came to Caledonia, and at the age of twenty-five commenced the practice of his profession, in which he continued to labor successfully during forty-three years.

In the fall of 1845, he was chosen to represent his county in the State Legislature, as Assemblyman, but served only one term. His colleague was the late Gov. John Young. In 1852 he was elected Supervisor and held that office two years.

During the last forty years of his life he was part of the time engaged in agricultural pursuits. He was a man of strict integrity, and untiring energy, and was eminently kind and generous to those around him. He was emphatically the poor man's friend, and in his professional capacity the needy and suffering ever found in him a kind and ready helper. The noble qualities of heart which he possessed endeared him to a large circle of friends, and commanded the confidence and respect of the entire community in which he had spent the greater portion of his life.

He was married June 26th. 1837, to Frances Connor, eldest daughter of Hon. Willard H. Smith, of Caledonia, N. Y. Mrs. Wells has been left in possession of an ampIe competence, and is a lady of refinement and culture, possessing much force of character. She is a consistent member of the Presbyterian church, taking great interest in all benevolent. movements tending toward the ameli oration Of society and advancing the cause o religion.

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