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George W. Need has reached the very venerable age of eighty-nine years and is now living with his son in White Eyes township. His life has been one of business activity, characterized by straightforward dealing and wherever he has lived he has enjoyed the confidence and good will of his fellowmen. He was born in Harrison county, Ohio, March 3, 1819. James Monroe was at that time president of the United States and had only had three predecessors. Travel by the aid of steam, either on the railroad or on the rivers, was hardly known. In fact it had gone scarcely beyond the experimental stage. All of the great Mississippi valley was largely an unsettled and unimproved wilderness and the family home in which George Need spent his boyhood days was upon the frontier. His parents, George and Sarah (Myser) Need, were both natives of Pennsylvania. but had become pioneers of Harrison county, Ohio, where the father followed the carpenter's trade. Unto him and his wife were born the following children Matilda, deceased; George W., of this review; David and Margaret, who have also passed away; Samuel, a resident of Tuscarawas county; John, who was killed in the war; Maria., the wife of John Hiner, of Iowa.; and Sa.rah Ann, living in Tuscaraws county. The father died in 1856 and the mother, surviving him for three decades, passed away in 1886.

George W. Need was reared on the home farm amid the wild scenes and environments of pioneer life. He can well remember when candles. were used for lighting houses and when cooking was done over the old time fireplace. Most of the buildings of the neighborhood were constructed of logs and much of the natural timber still stood. Farm work was done with machitiery very c.rude as compared with that of the present time and he has lived to see remarkable changes in the methods of farming. No longer does the farmer walk behind the plow in the fields and drop the seed by hand. The modern riding plow, the cultivator, the self reaper and binder and the steam thresher have replaced the primitive farm implements and revolutionized the work done in the fields. Mr. Need remained at home, assisting in the arduous task of developing the place up to the time of his marriage.

On the 8th of October, 1844, he wedded Miss Barbara Hawk, who was born in Carroll county, Ohio, in 1822 and was a daughter of Leonard and Margaret (Rydenhouse) Hawk. Following his marriage Mr. Need settled upon a rented farm, which he cultivated for three years and theii when his economy and industry had brought him sufficient capital he purchased fifty acres of land in Coshocton county. On the place was a small log cabin in which he lived for five years. He then sold his original farm and bought eighty acres in Adams township, upon which he also lived for five years. La.ter he purchased another eighty acre tract and afterward one hundred and thirty acres more, residing upon that place for seven years, when he sold all of his land in Ohio and removed to Iowa. He remained in the latter state, however, for only a year, when he returned to Coshocton county and invested in eighty acres of land, on which he resided for a year. On the expiration of that period he disposed of his property and lived upon the Hawk farm for one year, after which he bought two hundred and fifty acres in Adams township, making it his home for about twelve months. On again selling out he once more went to Iowa., where he purchased two hundred and seventeen acres of land, cultivating it through the succeeding three years. He then disposed oi that property and has since remained a resident of Ohio, now making his home with his only son, W. A. Need, who is married and resides upon a farm in White Eyes township.

Since the organization of the republican party Mr. Need has been one of its stalwart supporters, always voting for its men and measures yet never seeking office for himself. Both he and his wife are earnest, consistent Christian people, holding membership in the Methodist Episcopal church. They have now traveled life's journey together for sixty four years, sharing with each other the joys and sorrows, adversity and prosperity which come into the lives of all. Mr. Need has been a busy man and his career has been a useful one but of recent years he has enjoyed a rest which he has truly earned and richly merits. No history of this community would be complete without mention of Mr. Need, who has lived to witness such remarkable changes here. He has seen the introduction of the railroad, the telegraph and the telephone, while schools and churches have given their civilizing influence to the upbuilding of the community and material progress has been continuously advanced.

Centennial History of Coshocton County, Ohio
By William J. Bahmer
The S. J. Clarke Publishing Co.
Chicago 1909

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