The Tappan Stove Company

The Tappan Stove Company, one of the leading industries of Mansfield, was organized about 1884 as a partnership. The first factory was located at Bellaire, Ohio. In 1889 the business was removed to Mansfield and in 1890 the name was changed to the Eclipse Stove Company. In 1918 the business was incorporated and in 1920 became known as The Tappan Stove Company.

Many changes have been effected from the first crude models, and today the Tappan Stove Company is recognized as a leader in the manufacture of high grade gas stoves. The buildings were erected over a period of years as expansion demanded and machinery and equipment have been installed to give the maximum of efficiency of operation with a minimum of handling of parts.

Practically every part used in the manufacture of the stoves is produced in the factory. An up to date foundry pours the rough castings, and from there they go through the various operations, such as machining off the rough edges, japanning or enameling, and finally reach the assembly line in perfect condition. The enameling room is perhaps the most interesting part of the organization from the viewpoint of the layman. The enamel is mixed from raw materials, consisting of some 20 ingredients. The parts go through the room on a conveyor system and receive the various treatments from workmen stationed at points along the line. Without stopping they enter the oven and a few minutes later emerge fully enameled. The enameling oven itself is particularly ingenious. It is built to accommodate two moving lines of parts at the same time, each moving in a different direction. As one line of parts emerges from the enameling furnace the heat from it is sufficient to dry the enamel on the other line to a point where it may be safely fused.

The assembly line is operated in a manner similar to the lines in the larger automobile plants. The parts are brought to it on a conveyor system and placed at strategic positions. The first operation is placing part of the crate in position, and the stove is assembled in it so that when the end of the line is reached it is ready for shipment.

While the Tappan Stove Company was not the first to develop the insulated range, it began to manufacture it soon after that facility was discovered, and the company may be rightly called pioneers in this type. Tappan Stoves are also known as gas savers.

The 1930 officers of the Tappan Stove Company are as follows: W. J. Tappan, president; A. P. Tappan, vice president; A. C. Rhoads, secretary; and Paul R. Tappan, treasurer.

The factory is located at 150 Wayne Street.

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Embracing Richland, Ashland, Wayne,
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