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JAMES CAMPBELL. One does not have to be very old to recall the time when the greater part of the magnificent State of Ohio was a "howling wilderness," nor even to have been a participant in the work of the pioneer settlers, clearing away the mighty forests, cultivating the virgin soil, building roads and bridges, and subduing Nature until she became the obedient servant of her masters. Then, as the years rolled by, these same pioneers have seen the results of their labors in busy hamlets, towns and cities, in schoolhouses and churches, and, best of all, in their children grown to be strong arid noble men and women, who take their places among the wisest and best of the land. Happy the people who have watched the steady progress of the glorious Buckeye State in her march to prosperity and honor.

Among the early settlers of Sandusky county were the parents of our subject, James and Nancy (Mickmin) Campbell, who came hither December 2, 1835, from Beaver county, Penn., and settled on eighty acres of land in Madison township. The father was born March 17, 1796, in Beaver county, Penn, of Scotch and Irish descent, his paternal grandparents being natives of Ircland, those on his mother's side coming from Scotland. The mother was born in 1794, in Pennsylvania, and died in November, 1878, in Sandusky county. When this worthy couple came west and took up their abode in Sandusky county, they settled in the midst of a forest. With the assistance of their study boys a space was soon cleared, a log cabin erected, and the almost incessant stroke of the axes told daily of fallen trees, whose space was speedily converted into fruitful fields, smiling with golden harvests. On this land, wrested from the wilderness, the brave pioneer passed the remainder of his peaceful life, closing his eyes in death March 17, 1861, at the age of seventy three years. His wife survived until November 20, 1878.

A family of nine children composed the parental household, of which our subject was the youngest. The others in order of birth were as follows: Robert, born June 19, 1823, lives in Madison township, where he carries on farming; Elisan, born July 17, 1825, died May to, 1848; Mary, born March 15, 1827, is the wife of Adam Ickes, a farmer in Steuben county, Ind.; Daniel, born September 16, 1828, lives in Indiana; Louise Jane, born April 3, 1830, died August 8, 1832; Beisilve born December 19, 1831, died July 16, 1862; George, born December 11, 1833, is a farmer of Madison township; Sinthiann, born September 8, 1836, is the wife of Jonathan Taylor, and lives in Madison township.

James Campbell, the subject of this sketch, was born in Madison township, August 16, 1839, on the home farm one half mile from Gibsonburg. His early days were spent in the hard work which falls to the lot of a pioneer's son, and he chopped timber and cleared away brush with his father and brothers, the only break in the steady labor being the few weeks in the depth of winter, when he attended the primitive schools of those days and gained what meager stock of information could beimparted inthat short space of time. He grew up, however, to be a strong and sturdy young man, and in 1862, at the age of twenty three, fired with the patriotism which is inborn in a native American, he laid aside his axe and plough and donned the Union blue, enlisting in Company H, One Hundred and Sixty ninth Regiment O. N. G. They were sent to Virginia to guard the Capital from the advancing Rebel army, and were on duty for 115 days. He then returned to the farm and resumed his peaceful occupations.

On April 11, 1878, Mr. Campbell was married to Miss Caroline Zorn, daughter of Christian and Catherine (Snyder) Zorn, her parents being natives of Germany. Mrs. Campbell is the eldest of four children, viz.: Caspar, unmarried and living in Deuel county, Neb.; Philip, who lives in the same county, married Miss Santa Hartman, and has one child; Mary, who is the wife of John Blausley, also living in Deuel county, Neb., and has three children. Mr. and Mrs. Campbell have had a family of six children, of whom one is dead; their names and dates of birth are as follows: Eda, August 3, 1879; Eli, August 1, 1881; Nelia, September 15, 1883; Ira, July 24, 1886 (died June 28, 1891, aged four years, eleven months and four days); Matilda, June 6, 1892; and Ray, July 11, 1894.

Mr. Campbell has always lived upon the home farm, he buying the interests of his brothers and sisters after the death of the father. He has upon this property nine oil wells, which yield him an income of $50 per month. He is a Democrat in politics, and a man of integrity and good business ability. While he is not connected with any religious body, he believes in Christianity, is a reader of the Bible, and donates liberally to all good causes. He has filled the office of school director. His wife is a member of the Lutheran Church.

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