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JACOB GABEL. The value of a biographical work, such as the one in which these sketches are found, is readily conceded when one realizes how fast the old landmarks are disappearing in the onward march of time, and how few are left of that generation of brave pioneers under whose patient strokes the forests gave place to well tilled fields with their wealth of golden grain, and these, in their turn, to busy, thriving villages, which anon grew into cities, the smoke of whose countless industries ascend without ceasing, and the names of whose citizens, famous in statesmanship, war or commerce, have become known throughout the world.

The men and women who contributed, even in the humblest way, to the planting and growth of this great commonwealth, must feel a laudable pride, when, themselves in the sere and yellow leaf, they can look back on lives spent in honest industry and patient toil, and see the resuits in the happy homes and wonderful progress of the State, which has been the birthplace of so many great men, and which holds so enviable a place in the Union. Of the early settlers of this State, as well as others, many were of German birth, and to no class of people is the country more indebted for its substantial properity. Hardy, industrious and frugal, they were well adapted to confront the obstacles which lay in the path of the pioneer, and to them and their children are due the thanks of those now enjoying the benefits of their labors.

Jacob Gabel, the subject of this sketch, who is now enjoying at his pleasant home in Fremont, Sandusky county, the rest earned by a long life of activity, was born May 4, 1821, in Alsace, Germany. His parents, Jacob and Barbara (Lebald) Gabel, who were natives of the same place, sailed for America in 1829, when their little lad was about eight years old. Their first location was at Buffalo, N. Y., where they were engaged in farming for seven years. In 1836 they removed to Ohio, and settled in what was known as the Black Swamp, in Jackson township, four miles from Fremont. Their home was a small log cabin, in the midst of a dense forest; no roads through the timber, no neighbors, no comforts or conveniences of any kind, and mud, mud everywhere. Nothing daunted, their busy hands cleared away the trees, tilled the ground, sowed and reaped the abundant harvests and reared the children who came to cheer their loneliness. On this farm, wrested from the wilderness by incessant toil, Jacob Gabel, Sr., lived his long life, dying in 1872, at the advanced age of eighty nine years, five months and some days. The mother passed away in 1866, at the ripe age of eighty two years.

To this worthy couple were born six children - three sons and three daughters - all of whom lived to a goodly age: Joseph, a farmer in Ballville township, Sandusky county, who lived to be eightytwo years old; Michael, who followed farming in Jackson township, and died when sixty two years old; Jacob, our subject; Catharine, who married Louis Schutz, and resided in Ballville township, where she died at the age of sixty; Elizabeth, who married George Rimmelspacher, and Magdalena, wife of Adam Biensack.

Jacob Gabel, the subject of this sketch, grew up on his father's farm, and at the age of twenty three was married to Miss Magdalena Durr, who was born January 20, 1826, in Wurtemburg, Germany, and came to this country when twelve years old, making her home in Ottawa county. Their marriage took place in Fremont, May 12, 1845, and the young couple took up their abode with the father of our subject, where they resided until the death of the former. A large family, eleven children in all, was born to this estimable couple, and on February 13, 1876, the beloved wife and mother passed away, leaving behind her a most gracious memory of a loving and wellspent life. The following brief record is given of the children of Mr. and Mrs. Gabel: (1) Catherine, born May 8, 1846, married Joseph Doiweck, and lives in Ottawa county, this State; she is the mother of six children - Clara (who married Fred Bauer; they reside in Cleveland and have one child, Helen), Lena, Jacob, John, Frank and Alpha. (2) Peter, born October 25, 1847, married and living in Frernont, has seven children - Rosa, Anna, Katie, Mamie, Alois, Herman and Estella. (3) Caroline, born May 22, 1850, married John Busold, and lives in Fremont; they have had four children, of whom the following are living: Rosa, Frances and Lidwina. (4) Jacob, born November 20, 1852, is married, and lives in Jackson township; his children are seven in number: Henry, Ella, Minnie, Edward, Herman, Max and Clara. (5) Mary, born March 3, 1855, married Joseph L. Fegelist, lives in Bellevue, and has three children - Ervin, Leander, and Oliver. (6) Charley, born April 21, 1857, lives in Jackson township, and has had four children - Frances, Lucy, Leo, and Hedwig (deceased). (7) Frank, born May 25, 1859, lives in Fremont, and has four children - Lidwina, Alphonse, Oscar and Olive. (8) Louis, born May 28, 1861, lives in Jackson township, and has four children - Ida, Roman, Cletus and Clement, the latter two being twins, (9) John S., born June 23, 1864, lives in Jackson township, and has three children - Florine, Walter and Bernard. (10) Albert, born September 29, 1866, lives in Jackson township, and has one child, Anna. (11) William born September 1, 1870, was educated in the Ohio Normal University, and subsequently clerked in the drug store of Thomas & Grund, in Fremont, after which he accepted the position which he now holds, that of bookkeeper in the First National Bank of Fremont. He is a Democrat, and an active member of the Young Men's Sodality of St. Joseph's Church.

Jacob Gabel, the father of this interesting family, has for fifty years been a successful farmer in Jackson township, where he now owns some 6oo acres of land, accumulated by industry and economy. He gives the credit for his success to his noble wife, who, he thinks, was the best woman in the world. After her death he could not bear the loneliness of country life, and came to Fremont, where he resides with his daughter Caroline. Although he has given up the care of his farm to his sons, he frequently goes out to it and looks after his interests there. He also owns a grocery store in Fremont, which is managed by one of his sons. In politics Mr. Gabel is a Democrat, and in religion a devout Catholic. His father was one of the founders of St. Joseph's Church in Fremont. The last years of his life are passing peacefully by in the society of his numerous children and grandchildren, with the sustaining thoughts of a life well spent, and the hope of aglorious immortality.

Commemorative Biograohical Record
of the Counties of
Sandusky and Ottawa, Ohio
J. H. Beers & Co. 1896

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