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GENERAL DANIEL BRODHEAD of Revolutionary fame, was born in Marbletown, Ulster county, New York, in 1736, and died and was buried at Milford, Pennsylvania, November 15, 1809. He was the great grandson of Capt. Daniel Brodhead, of the English army, who came to this country in 1664 as a member of the expedition commanded by Col. Richard Nichols, in the service of King Charles II, after the Restoration. After the surrender of Stuyvesant, Capt. Brodhead was sent up to Albany in September, 1664, and was witness to the treaty made with the Indians there in that month. He was afterwards promoted to the command of the military forces of Ulster county, by commission from King Charles, dated September 14, 1665, which position he held till his death, in 1670. He left one daughter and two sons: Ann Bredhead, Charles Brodhead and Richard Brodhead. The latter was born at Marbletown, New York, in 1668, and was the grandfather of General Brodhead. Richard Brodhead had two sons: Richard Brodhead, Jr., and Daniel Brodhead, born at Marbletown, in Ulster county, New York, in the year 1698, and died at Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, in the year 1755. This Daniel Brodhead, the father of the suiject of this biography, removed with his family from Ulster county, New York, in the year 1737, to Danville, Pennsylvania, while the subject of this biography was but an infant. Inured to the dangers of the Indian frontier from his very cradle, the impression made as he grew up among the scenes of Indian barbarities and the outrages of the savages helped to form his future character and to mold him into the grand, successful soldier and Indian fighter which his subsequent history proved him to be.

He served under Washington in the Revolutionary war, and on March 5, 1779, was placed in command of the western frontiers from the Lakes to the gulf, with hedquarters at Ft. Pitt. He held this important command until the close of the struggle for independence.

Biographical and Historical Cyclopedia
of Indiana and Armstrong Counties, Pennsylvania
Samuel T. Wiley, Historian & Editor
John M. Greshan & Co.
Philadelphia, 1891

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