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Fairview Schools. .- In tracing the history of the schools of Fairview we must go back to the time when the first settlers cut their way through the tangled masses of forests. The first schoolhouse, or rather cabin, was located on the property of William Sturgeon. It was used for two winters, taught first by John Hayes, then by Squire McCreary. This was about the year 1810. in 1812 William Sturgeon erected a regular building on the present site of the former home of Perry Sturgeon. This school was taught by Jacob Erickson and John Hayes. About 1825 another schoolhouse was built where the cement works of Jacob Fitting now stands. This was a log building painted bright red. The first teacher was Moses Johnson, who was chastised by the school board for going out at recess to play ball with the boys. He said the school board would make no such rules for him and he resigned. He was followed by Mr. Jenness. In 1844 two new frame buildings were completed and this one was abandoned. The first was built in the rear of where the Presbyterian church now stands and the second was at the east end of the village, located on the present site of the home of Lorenzo Newhouse. School was held in these until the Academy was built. Among the teachers of the two schools were Roy McCoy, Ase McCoy, J. C. Sturdevant, Mr. McLaughlin, Minnie Sterrett, Elizabeth Eaton, and Mrs. Jennie Warner Mills, The schools were well attended, as a record of Mr. Ase McCoy showed a roll call of 85 pupils in the first school. At that time he taught from 8:30 in the morning until dark.

In 1866 an acre of land was purchased from William and Harry Sturgeon for $600, and the contract for the new so-called Academy was given to Robert Holliday. The old school houses were sold. The first was bought by Mrs. M. Heidier, moved and remodeled for a dwelling house now occupied by Ralph McCray. The second was bought by Nickolas Myers and is the present barn on the lot owned by Lorenzo Neihouse. School opened in the fall of 1866. Lyman Knight, the principal, with Miss Vine Luther and Miss Thompson as assistants. Then came R. P. Holliday, D. C. Thomas, Mr. Chandler, Mr. Clinton, Mr. Freeman, M. L. Davis, Viola Eaton, Mrs. Adalaide Holliday, Mr. Billings, Mr. Curry, who gave way to Lillian Eaton on account of ill health, Mr. Jones and Joseph Rossiter. In 1891 the school house burned but was rebuilt about the same model as before. Mr. Swaney was first principal in the new building. He also began grading the pupils. Until this time every one went to school to get what he could and no grades or promotions were used. Next in line were Mr. LeFever, Mr. Proudflt, Edward Tate, Mr. Lingo, Mr. Fox, who gave way to Mr. Shallenburger, Charles Carr, John Timmons, E. Frantz, A. Whittaker, and H. C. Herboisheimer. In 1892 was the first graduating class for a one year high school. Since that time additional work has been added until the spring of 1910 found the first graduating class from a four year high school.

History of Erie County, Pennsylvania
By: John Elmer Reed
Historical Publishing Company

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