Burlington, Vt. Financial Institutions
Chittenden County, VT

There are two National Banks, one Savings Bank and one Trust Co. in Burlington, the aggregate capital of which is $850, 000. These institutions are among the soundest in the country.

This bank is located at the corner of Church and College Streets, and occupies its own building. It was incorporated in 1870, and has a capital of $300,000. Its career has been a prosperous one, and its careful yet liberal management has placed it in the front rank in the commercial world. At this writing the deposits of the Howard Bank are 400,000; and its surplus and undivided profits, $88,000. Its officers are: F. M. Van Sicklen, President; C. M. Spaulding, Vice- resident; F. H. Fisher, Cashier; F. E. Burgess, Assistant Cashier. The directory is composed of F. M. Van Sicklen, C. M. Spaulding, Joel H. Gates, Edward Wells, D. W. Robinson. Within the last few years the deposits of the Howard National Bank have doubled in amount, and its business increases yearly.

This institution is located on College Street, and conducts a savings department in connection with its regular commercial business. It was incorporated in 1850; was reorganized in 1865, and rechartered in 1885. It has a capital of $500,000. Charles W. Woodhouse is President, and Lorenzo E. Woodhouse, Cashier.

This solid and venerable institution was chartered in 1847, and takes rank among the most stable savings banks of the country. Its condition November I, 1889, was as follows: Deposits, $2,031,059.14; surplus, $205,826.78; total assets, $2,236,885.92. Its rate of interest for the past two years has been 4 1/2 per cent. Its officers are: Willard Crane, President; C. F. Ward, Secretary and Treasurer; F. W. Ward, Assistant Treasurer. TrusteesóC. F. Ward, C. P. Smith, Geo. W. Wales, J. L. Barstow, Willard Crane, Henry Greene.

Incorporated in 1882, with a capital of $50,000, this institution has attained a fine measure of success, and is daily increasing its usefulness. Its deposits amount to $718,000, representing about 1,500 individual depositors, chiefly laboring men in the City, and its surplus fund has reached $30,000. It pays interest at the rate of 4 per cent., credited semi-annually. Its officers are: Wm. Wells, President; B. B. Smalley, Vice-President; H. L. Ward, Treasurer. DirectorsóWm. Wells, B. B. Smalley, C. M. Spaulding, Joel H. Gates, Edward Wells, D. W. Robinson, M. D. Cook.

This company was organized in October, 1868, and January of the following year began business. Its organizers were some of the best known and highly respected men in the State, and the company received at the outset the most emphatic assurances of success. In 1877 the company erected its own building for office purposes, an illustration of which is presented on this page. The Vermont Life Insurance Co. has a paid up capital of $100,000; its gross assets are $400,000.00; and the number of policies in force, 3,600, insuring $2,500,000. The stability of the Vermont Life depends more upon its age, conservatism and caution than to any other cause. All hazardous risks are avoided, and, unlike many other leading life companies, its aim has been not to increase its business at any risk, but rather to afford the most reliable insurance at the least expense. The officers of the company are: Wm. H. Hart, President; C. M. Spaulding, Vice President; C. R. Turrill, Secretary; K W. Bushnell, Superintendent of Agencies. A. P. Grinnell, M. D., J. B. Wheeler, M. D. and L. M. Bingham, M. D., are medical counsel. The Vermont Life issues every desirable form of life and endowment policy; and, in fact, has originated several forms which are in great favor.

Burlington, Vt.
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