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SYVER HJERLEID, a wealthy farmer and leading citizen, residing on section 9, Springfield Township, first saw the light of day among the pine clad hills of Norway, September 21, 1828. His parents, Iver and Ann Hjerleid, were also natives of Norway, and there lived and died. They had three sons: Ole, Haldor, and Syver, the youngest and only member of the family who left his native land, He grew to manhood in Norway, and was educated there. In 1852, he cane to America and located in Chicago, Illinois, where he worked at the painter's trade for seven years. He saved his money. lived economically, and by his prudence and thrift was enabled, in 1854, to purchase a farm in Jackson County; he paid the Government one dollar and a quarter per acre; five years after be bought this land he removed to it, and has since given his tune and energies to its cultivation, His efforts have been successful, as he now has one of the most desirable farms in the county; it consists of 160 acres and is well improved with many modern conveniences. In addition to this he owns 200 acres, in another portion of Springfield Township. When he arrived in New York, Mr. Hjerleid had but $2 in money, and was unable to speak one word of English, and today he ranks among the most reliable agrieniturists of the community. He is always ready to lend a helping hand to every enterprise that is calculated to upbuild the moral and religious elements of society/ In his political opinions he agrees with the Republican principles of government. He has served the people of his township in some official capacity continuously since his resi dence there.

Mr. Hjerleid was united in marriage, in July, 1859, to Miss Helen Knudson, in Chieago, Illinois. She was born in Norway, February 7, 1835, In all the obstacles he has overcome, and in all the efforts he has made to accmnulate seine property, Mr. Hjerleid has been ably and faithfully aided by his wife, and this record would fail in one of its purposes if it did not preserve this fact in connection with the history of this successful man.

Mr. and Mrs. Hjerleid are the parents of eleven children: Dorothea M., Ibert M., Hans C., Lndwig O., Hannah S., Haldor K, Clarence M., Octavius, Ninah C., Carl M. and Effie D. Ibert M. is deceased. The family are all consistent members of the Lutheran Church, and occupy a position of honor and high respect in the community.

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