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ERASTUS MACK was born in the Dominion of Canada, August 31, 1824, and is a son of Daniel and Pollie (Chard) Mack, natives of the State of Connecticut. Although born in the United States, the parents were married in Ca! nada, and passed their lives there. Daniel Mack was a farmer by occupation; in the war of 1812 lie took an active part, discharging his duties as a soldier faithfully and well. He and his wife were both respected members of the Baptist Church. They had born to thcm eight children: Daniel, Lewis, David, James, Nicholas, Erastus, William, and a daughter who died in infancy.

Erastus was reared on a farm in Canada, spending his time in the labors incident to agricultural life. In 1856 he left his native place and came to Wisconsin, locating on the land he now owns, He purchased it from the Government, paying $1.25 per acre. At that time no hand had touched the primeval forest, and the difficulties attending its removal and the clearing of the land must not be lightly estimated. There was only one house at Neillsville, and there were no roads. Mr. Mack and his brother Daniel cut the road to his place six miles through the timber. The first cabin they erected was constructed of logs and boards cut from the timber, and afterward a log house was built that furnished a comfortable shelter for many years. As his means increased, and he began to reap the reward of his efforts, Mr. Mack built a modern dwelling, and erected large and convenient barns for the storing of the products of his land. His farm now consists of 120 acres, seventy four of which are clear. He began in life with nothing but pluck and energy for capital, but they have served him better than other commodities more fleeting, and he has won for himself and family a comfortable home and means for a good living.

In the year 1844, August 12, Mr. Mack was married to Miss Maria Hugbs, of Canada. She was born in Wiltshire, England, December 25, 1824, and is a daughter of Joseph and Elizabeth (Lock) Hughs, natives of England. Her parents emigrated to America in 1831; the mother died at Montreal before they had reached their destination, and the father is now deceased.

Mr. and Mrs. Mack have had born to them thirteen children: Nehemiah, Elizabeth, Hannah, Nicholas, Wesley, Joseph, Eli, Adalaide, Albra, Charles, Edith, Leslie, and one child who died in infancy. All the children excepting Nicholas and Leslie are married. The father and mother are honored and consistent members of the Seventh-Day Adventist Church.

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